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swishy_13's Journal


Maegan. 15 years young.
I'm addicted to music, it's my drug.
I love reading, it's my get away.
I play soccer, it's my out let.
I text like crazy, it's my comfort.
I'm not sarcastic or witty.
I'm not very good at making friends over the computer.
I'm not as addicted to this site as I used to be.
I'm not creative, I only try to be.
I listen to all kinds of music from disney-musicals-pop-rap-hiphop-country.
I watch every kind of tv show from disney-nick-mtv-e!-abc.
I type in every sort of form from hey-Hey-HEY-H3Y.
I laugh in every way possible from lol-haha-lmao-lmfao.
I'm not average and I never expect I will be.
"You want everything to stay the same, until you're ready for it to change. But you can't do that. You can't expect the whole world to stand still until you're ready."